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What are Bookmarklets?
Bookmarklets are links, but they do not link to web pages, they link to a tiny Javascript program. Javascript is a simple programming language for the web. Most Bookmarklets let you do 'power surfing', advanced things quickly. For example, click on this link. The preceding example is completely useless, but the bookmarklets below (written by me) are sure to save you time searching.

How Do I Get Bookmarklets?
Internet Explorer
To add the bookmarklet to your link bar, click down on the link, and drag it onto the link bar. If you do not see any link bar, go to View > Toolbars and make sure that Links is checked off. To add it anywhere else, right-click on the link and select Add to Favorites.... If you see a warning that says the link may not be safe, click 'ok.' All of these bookmarklets are safe.
Right-click on the link and select Add Bookmark, or click down on the link and drag it to Bookmarks on the address toolbar, then select the location and release the mouse button.

How Do I Use Bookmarklets?
When you are on any page, just select the bookmarklet as you would a normal link. If you are using Internet Explorer and have the bookmarklet on your link bar, then just click on the link.

Make My Search Bookmarklet (Internet Explorer only)
This bookmarklet lets you create your own custom search bookmarklets. After you have added it, go to any search tool (search engine, dictionary, etc), select any options you want, and search for ABC (all capital letters). Then click the 'Make My Search' bookmarklet, and give your new bookmarklet a name. To use this new bookmarklet you have created: Any time, click on it. It will ask you for text, and then it will search for that text on whatever search tool you chose. If you have selected text on the page you are currently viewing, it will search for that automatically without asking you. The bookmarklet is below:
Make My Search - standard
Make My Search - opens in a new window

Web Page Information Viewer
See here for information on a bookmarklet that shows you tons of information about any website.

Next & Previous Document
This bookmarklet will find the last series of numbers in the URL of the site you are viewing, and increase (or decrease) it by one. This is very useful for browsing a series of pages or images. For example, the URL www.abcd.com/01.htm will change to www.abcd.com/02.htm. Here it is: next and previous.

New Window
Clicking this bookmarklet will force all the links on the page you are viewing to open in a new window if you click on them. Here it is: new window.

Click on this link and you will be prompted to type in a math equation like (2+10)/5. Press 'ok' and the answer will pop up. Here it is: calculate.

DMOZ & Google Directory Switch
Google's Directory uses the same data as DMOZ. The benefit is that listings are sorted by PageRank, however the directory may not be up to date. If you are on DMOZ, or the Google Directory, clicking this link will take you to the equivalent page in the other directory. Here it is: ODP Switch.

Alexa Information
Click on this link and you will be taken to Alexa's information about that web page. Note that this tool is also available with the Page Info Viewer. Here it is: Alexa Info.

Click on this link and you will be taken to a listing of archived pages of the site you were viewing, from the Internet Archive. Like Google's cache, but with multiple versions (goes back to 1996). Note that this tool is also available with the Page Info Viewer. Here it is: Go Wayback.

This page was last updated on June 7, 2002.

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