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Type (or press the buttons) a math equation into the textbox (ie 5+2 or (16.7-200)/18.005), and then press = (which is in place of the usual 'go' button). Note that multiplication (×) is shows as *, and division (÷) is shown as /. The <- button is backspace (removes the last character).
The two memory boxes are used to store numbers. Pressing the \/ button will erase the contects of that memory box, and replace it with what is in the main textbox. Clicking the /\ button will add the number in memory to the end of the main textbox. Pressing clr will clear that memory.
Unit Converter
To convert from one unit to another: type a number into the main textbox. Select what type of unit you are converting (mass, temperature). Select what unit you are entering and what unit you are converting to. If you choose a metric unit, then you will be able to select a prefix (kilo, centi). Press convert, and the converted number is in the main textbox.
Currently there are many missing units (distance, volume, etc). We plan to add them eventually, but if you have a request, just ask us. If you think that any conversion was not done correctly, then please inform us so that we can fix it.

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