February 19, 2004

RSS/Atom: I added information about the Atom format and about OPML files. I also expanded the information about RSS aggregators, reworded a few sections, removed some dead links and tools, and added a few new links.

June 30, 2003

RSS/Atom: Made a number of minor changes to the explanation paragraphs (and changed from two paragraphs to three). This includes a note about the useless politics of RSS formats and a link to the Echo Project. Added an RSS Format explanation and example (in a table). Added information about embedding an RSS feed in a web page, with an example. Moved the note about RSS search engines to its own section. Added a link to the top of the page to the Aggregators mailing list and removed the link to RSS specifications.

May 4, 2003

RSS/Atom: I added Blogging Headline News, under “topical feeds,” RDF-Ticker: Find more channels under “directories,” and The World of RSS Feeds to the links.

April 25, 2003

RSS/Atom: I change the link for LISFeeds to its new address, www.lisfeeds.com. I added two new links to the “links” section: RSS: Your Gateway To News & Blog Content and RSS For Non-Techie Librarians. I also added a note on Waypath saying that the service is temporarily unavailable.

April 23, 2003

RSS/Atom: Fixed a broken link. I have left the Waypath information on the page, although Waypath is currently going through growing pains (i.e. the service I list is not available). I think it will be back soon, so no point in removing and then re-adding the information. The web moves really fast... In other news, BlogsDirectory is the first RSS aggregator utilizing ENT (Easy News Topics) information. Currently a couple of blogs and the Internet Topic Exchange provide this information, and it would be nice if others did too.

April 18, 2003

RSS/Atom: I have made quite a few small changes. Fixed spelling, and improved clarity. I added a note pointing out that not all XML icons link to RSS feeds (i.e. some link to OPML, other formats). I also added a small, 1abeled screenshot of a typical three-panel RSS aggregator. Also, this page was listed on the Yahoo! Directory category for RSS.

April 15, 2003

RSS/Atom: It seems I forgot something when I first made this page, but I have added it now: myRSS (listed under “miscellaneous”). Also, by e-mail I find out about a weblog dedicated to publishing and reading RSS feeds in Hebrew; once I take a better look at it (and figure out what it says), I may add it. The FeedRoom is something else that I will have to take a look at and consider adding. Lastly, Diarist.com lets me know that all of its journals have RSS feeds (username.diarist.com/rss.php).

December 31, 1969

RSS/Atom: Someone was nice enough to point out a typo. I’ve fixed it now.

April 13, 2003

RSS/Atom: This page is created. And so is the RSS page.


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