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This page does NOT contain links to search engines or other search tools. This page contains links to websites about searching, with links to search tools, etc.
! best websites in the category
n the website has a free newsletter
$ the website has additional features for a fee
f  the website has a forum
o the website is also targeted at search engine optimizers

Online Information News
Fagan Finder Blog
ResearchBuzz ! [n $]
The Virtual Acquisition Shelf & News Desk ! [n]
Library Stuff [n]
Neat New Stuff on the Net [n]
Google Dir.: Library & Information Blogs
Search Engines
Pandia ! [n o]
Search Engine Watch ! [n $ o]
Traffick [$ o]
Search Engine Showdown
Web Search - About.com [f]
Search Idea [f]
The Extreme Searcher's Web Page
Search & Metasearch Engines - Suite101 [f]
Search Engines News
NewsNow NewsLink: Search Engines !
Online Search Engine News - Moreover !
Search Engine News - SE Guide !
Search Engine World - Industry News
Portals & Search Engines - Yahoo News
Search Engine Blog [o]
Discuss Searching
The Search Engine World - WebmasterWorld ! [f]
Search Engine Forums at JimWorld ! [f]
Free Pint ! [f]
Google Groups: comp.infosystems.search [f]
Google Groups: alt.internet.search-engines [f]
Search Engine Directories
Complete Planet !
Beaucoup !
Search Engine Guide !
BIG Search Engine Index
Search Engine Hunter
Virtual Search Engines
4Search - 4Anything
The Ultimate SE Links Page
Internet Gateways
Searchenginez !
Alphasearch !
iTools !
Bookmark Search
Age of Dot Com
Regional & Worldwide
Web Search Guide (Canadian/English) [n]
MotoriDiRicerca (Italian) [n]
Intelligence-Center (French/France)
Suchmaschinen-Informationsdienst (German) [n]
Voelspriet (Netherlands) [n f]
InternetBrus (Swedish)
Daypop Top 40 !
Google Weblog

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