Anyone Can Do It, and It’s Free

If you run a website or blog, then you can include a Fagan Finder search box on your site for free, and even customize it. If Fagan Finder adds more tools, they will also appear in the search box; it updates itself for you! Unfortunately, it does not (yet) work in old versions of Netscape, so people using Netscape will see nothing. If you think you can help me fix this problem, send me a note. Not every Fagan Finder section is yet available as a search box, however all sections will be eventually.

Several Ways to Display It

There are two ways you can show it, long or tall (long is shown, tall puts each item on a new line). And you can also choose to display all of the options (as shown), or just some. Some means that only the sections are shown as options, rather than the individual search tools.

Get the Code

        > generate code

Even More Customization

Below are the CSS rules for modifying anything in the seach box. Just copy and paste them into your style sheet. The only requirement is that you don’t obscure or remove either of the two links back to Fagan Finder.

If that isn’t enough for you, you can access the form with client side scripting. The text input box is “t,” the selection box is “s,” and the submit button is “go.” One small warning: don’t put the exact same search box on a page more than once; it will cause a javascript error.

Now Enjoy

And provide your visitors with the awesome power of Fagan Finder. If you have any questions, you can contact me.


This tool is provided “as is.” I cannot guarantee that it will always work, always exist, or never cause you any problems. Hopefully it won’t.


This page was last updated on December 6, 2003. See the revisions log for more information.