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This page lists many of the websites and newsletters that have written a review or write-up of Fagan Finder (or a part of Fagan Finder), usually about a paragraph. The most recent are at the top and the oldest at the bottom. If you are aware of reviews which are not included on this page, please tell us about it.
Notable Mentions
Notable mentions of Fagan Finder include SearchDay (Search Engine Watch), Research Buzz, Search Engine Showdown, Library Stuff, Internet Resources Newsletter, Law Library Resource Xchange, and The Virtual Chase.

• July 2002
    • MusicDroidz
    • Booksurfer
• June 2002
    • Red Ferret Journal
    • Age of Dot Com
    • SearchDay
    • Internet Resources Newsletter
• May 2002
    • Knowledge Works
    • Akademie.de
    • Netbib
    • Kung Fu Grippe
    • LLRX
    • Tools - Arm Yourself
    • Geeklog
    • Library Stuff
• April 2002
    • Defense News Resources
    • Der Geist in der Suchmaschine
    • MilkandCookies
    • Webblogg.net
    • The Virtual Chase
    • LLRX
    • Library Techlog
    • Library Stuff
    • ResearchBuzz
• March 2002
    • Search-Chinese.com
• February 2002
    • Behind the News
    • Communication Expressway Ezine
• January 2002
    • Library Stuff
    • Surf's Up
    • Web Digest for Marketers
    • Curt's Interesting Stuff Newsletter
    • IMproPRieTies - Tom's New Commonplace Book
• December 2001
    • Poynter.org - Web Tips from the Pros
    • JournalismNet - Pick of the Week
    • Internet Resources Newsletter
• November 2001
    • 6 Minutes - Search & Find
• October 2001
    • FITA - Really Useful Sites...

MusicDroidz's weblog, July 26 2002.

Google Ultimate Interface
The Google Ultimate Interface lets you search many of Googles features from a single location. Similar to the Google Advanced Search but with access to more search areas and parameters. Useful elements include the ability to search for exact dates and time frames, special font character keyboard, large text entry box, and direct searching of service categories like answers, catalogs, sets, etc. The new interface is made available by the creator of FaganFinder, a search engine resource site with many useful tools and a new weblog with news about searching and online research.

Booksurfer weblog, July 21 2002.

Google has a number of useful search features that are not well publicised by Google, now FAGAN FINDER the website that specialises in search tools and techniques has prepared a special search page to help you use those hidden features. One of the useful tools available through the Fagan Finder interface is date searching so you can limit your search so that it only retrieves information from recently updated sites.

The Red Ferret Journal
The Red Ferret Journal weblog, June 30 2002.

The Ultimate Google interface?
Canadian high school student Michael Fagan has created what he says is the ultimate in Google interfaces. If by that he means a more complex and pedantic search version, then he's undoubtedly correct.
I suspect that you'll either love it or hate it, but nonetheless it looks as if it could be very useful for those who constantly need to do detailed Google searches.

Age of Dot Com - Search Form Compilations
Age of Dot Com's links.

Fagan Finder *** (3 stars out of 3)
If your dream is a meta-site where you can use your intuition to find things, this one is for you. Use the tools on the startpage or dig deeper by clicking the topic of your choice.

Search Engine Watch's daily newsletter, June 5 2002.

Recently, Fagan Finder -- a site devoted to helping searchers locate information - created an interface to Google that permits various types of date searching (e.g., date range, specific date). It utilizes special syntax (daterange:) that requires Julian dates...
...Google spokesperson Nate Tyler contends that Google supports neither the date syntax (daterange:) nor the Fagan Finder interface to Google...
FaganFinder's interface for Google

Internet Resources Newsletter
Issue #93, June 2002, by Internet Resources Newsletter

[listing of news search tools]...Several news services are included in Fagan Finder News http://www.faganfinder.com/news/ ...
Fagan Finder
Fagan Finder was included in Issue 87 of IRN, but has since moved, and the link is no longer valid. The is the new address. Several new features have been added. e.g. see: Biographies, Reference, Science and News.

Knowlege Works
Bianjiang Knowledge Works > Know Directory >Search Engine, May 2002.

Note: this is a rough translation from Chinese (thanks Mok)
This is a search engine that combines all the best engines together in one place. Users can easily find related info, and not have to remember all that query grammar.

Seitenblicke - akademie.de
Akademie.de Tipps & Tricks - Seitenblicke weblog, May 29 2002.

Das inoffizielle Google Ultimate Interface vereint sämtliche Suchdienste von Google mit den relevanten Einstellungsmöglichkeiten auf einer einzigen Seite. Bereitgestellt wird es von Faganfinder.com. Dort auf der Startseite findet sich eine zentrale Suchoberfläche für den Zugriff auf eine Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Suchdienste.

netbib - weblog - teilweise bibliothekarisch
Netbib weblog, May 28 2002.

Google total
Auf der Homepage von Fagan Finder findet man alle Suchoptionen, die Google zu bieten hat. Praktisch.

Kung Fu Grippe
Kung Fu Grippe weblog, May 28 2002.

First, something new (to me). Fagan Finder acts as a very fine web front end to a variety of popular search functionalities, categorized by what you're looking for (a blog, a definition, or a translation for example).

LLRX.com Newstand
The Law Library Resource Xchange May 26 2002.

Google Ultimate Interface, Fagan Finder - This site link is via Library Stuff, and is an extensive and useful template for a range of searches possible via Google. Take a look!

Tools - Arm Yourself
Tools - Arm Yourself May 26 2002.

Sure it's cluttered and looks like hell, but this hacked-up Google Ultimate Interface probably has our Power Google Search beat hands down.

Geeklog weblog, May 25 2002.

Fagan Finder
So much Internet, so little time... Fagan Finder may well be the ultimate search tool for the Net. It's not a search engine in itself, but it provides a quick, easy-to-use interface for finding just about anything on the web. Google lovers will find the Ultimate Google Interface to be a useful tool.

Library Stuff
Library Stuff weblog, May 25 2002.

Ultimate Google Interface - Put together by the Fagan Finder, this site has every possible Google search capability in an easy to use interface (including the new Google Labs searches. Well worth a bookmark and possibly making it your homepage. (Thanks Michael for the submission)

Defense News Resources
New York State Defenders Association list of new resources, April 22 2002.

Fagan Finder is a web portal for search engine resources. It includes a directory of multiple references sources and other tools. Among its resources is a Google enhancement that allows date specific searching.

Der Geist in der Suchmaschine
Der Geist in der Suchmaschine weblog, April 22 2002.

Mit Faganfinder/Google kann man tagesaktuelle Seiten suchen (via Research Buzz/engl.)
Diese in der Google-Hilfe nicht beschriebene Funktion kann auf der Seite Fagan Finder - Websearch - Google (engl.) verwendet werden. Dazu unter Date den Schaltknopf between aktivieren und den Datumsbereich in den Dropdownfeldern einstellen. Die Datumsoption bezieht sich auf den Zeitpunkt der Erfassung der Webseite durch den Google-Robot und sagt nichts über die tatsächliche Aktualisierung des Inhalts einer Webseite aus. Hilfreich ist diese Funktion zum Beispiel, um sich zu einem bestimmten Suchbegriff tagesaktuelle Nachrichten von Onlinediensten anzeigen zu lassen.

MilkandCookies - Inside
MilkandCookies April 22 2002.

Google Date-Range Search
Google didn't completely not-document the daterange: syntax. They just put it in their API documentation and not on their Web site. But it works just fine from the Web-based interface. http://www.faganfinder.com/engines/google.shtml

Webblog.net weblog, April 22 2002.

Precisare sökningar i Google
Sökgränssnitt till Google med en massa möjligheter att finjustera sin sökning. Det mesta av det här kan man göra direkt i Google om man bryr sig om att lära sig alla specialord, men för mig var det en nyhet att man kan söka under en avgränsad tidsperiod.

Research News: TVC Alert
The Virtual Chase news bulletin, April 22 2002.

Google Tip
I have always found date searching at Google frustrating because of the lack of options (past 3, 6, or 12 months). But expert searcher Tara Calishain reveals undocumented syntax she discovered while experimenting with Google's new API options. Since the syntax requires use of Julian dates, some may find it a bit complex. Never fear, the wonderful folks at Fagan Finder created an interface!

Library Techlog
Library Techlog weblog, April 22 2002.

Fagan Finder > Web Search Engines > Google
This looks to be a very nice site with front-ends for the major search engines along with good information and links covering their use. This Google search can handle specific date ranges.

LLRX.com Newstand
The Law Library Resource Xchange April 22 2002.

Google Date Range Search, Fagan Finder - From Tara Calishain's Research Buzz at http://www.researchbuzz.com/articles/2002/googledate0422.html.

Library Stuff
Library Stuff weblog, April 21 2002.

Google Date Range Search - Ever want to search Google by date? Well, you could use the advanced search feature and limit it to past 3 months, past 6 months, or past year. Tara has written an article about date formatting on Google that is way over my head, but she did point out this site which allows us semi-techie folks to easily perform this task of searching Google by date...

ResearchBuzz - Another Undocumented Google Syntax
ResearchBuzz article, April 21 2002.

...You can get a JD converter at http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/JulianDate.html . But if you don't want to bother with Julian dates, Fagan Finder has an interface that uses traditional dates at http://www.faganfinder.com/engines/google.shtml (thanks Michael!). So say you wanted to check yesterday's addition to the database for a certain query -- dogs...

Search-Chinese.com March 2002.

Note: this is a rough translation from Chinese (thanks Danny)
Fagan Finder
Don't think that I am being lazy, it really is worth the review,but its usage is so easy that I don't need to explain. If, I don't have a folder to store addresses then I only need to memorize one URL and it will be enough to include everything. It's not a search engine, but it's more useful than all the search engines. Shhh~ It is fanganfinder.
Yes, www.fanganfinder.com

Behind the News
Behind the News February 23, 2002.

Fagan Finder
one-stop search of Web, dictionary, encyclopedia, other types of info. Designed by a 17-year-old; nice job.

Communication Expressway Ezine
Judy Vorfeld's Communication Expressway Ezine February 2002.

FAGAN FINDER Research site by high school student Michael Fagan.

Library Stuff
Library Stuff weblog, January 29 2002.

Fagan Finder - search engines, reference, tools, and more
What seems to be a nicely organized set of search engines, searchable from one page. Not too much, but just enough to be worth a bookmark. Oh, there is a nice Blog and Homepage section.

Surf's Up
John Gushue's weekly Surf's Up column January 25 2002, in The Telegram.

Fagan Finder
Forget all that stuff about the Web being impersonal; when I added Fagan Finder to my own reference links site (which I use for work, and share with colleagues), the gentleman behind it sent a thank-you note. (He was able to see some hits to his site were being referred from mine.) Politeness aside, Fagan Finder is another handy arrow to have in your research quiver. You’ll find aids for narrowing searches, although they are admittedly limited. For example, when you select the "law" option, you’ll only be searching FindLaw’s database. Still, it’s very handy.

Larry Chase's Web Digest For Marketers (past issues require a fee)
Web Digest for Marketers, the week of January 24 2002.

Fagan Finder
One day last summer 17-year-old Michael Fagan decided to open up his Windows Notepad text editor and make himself a website that neatly organized all of his favorite links and search places. A few months later, we have at our fingertips Fagan Finder, a very good search/research/portal type of thing that may add some zip to your research efforts. As Michael says, "Like a search engine, we have searching capability, but we have many different searches. Like an exclusive directory, we include searching to or links only to high quality websites. Like a guide, we try to help you in your search experience. And like a newsletter, the news and updates on the front page are updated frequently with news about searching and research on the Internet." Thanks, dude!

Curt's Interesting Stuff Newsletter
Curt's Interesting Stuff Newsletter January 6 2002.

The Fagan Finder has some of the best internet tools gathered on one page. Search engines, reference, news, multimedia, discussion, dictionaries, calculator, etc. Fagan Finder's goal is to help people find what they are looking for!
I am not sure why, but some of the best resources at Fagan Finder don't seem to be available on the main webpage. Be sure to check out the Biography page for some additional reference and resource links located at the bottom of the page.

IMproPRieTies - Tom's New Commonplace Book
In Tom's New Commonplace Book (a weblog). January 6, 2001.

Mike and Bill
Searching with Mike
A helpful way to refine searches: Fagan Finder, whose goal, oddly, is not to herd people into marketers' cattle cars or to process them into site stats, but "to help people find what they are looking for."
According to Sree Sreenivasan, the site is the work of Michael Fagan, 17, who is in the 12th grade outside Toronto. He says he launched the site in October and works on it in his spare time...
...A trifling fantasy has me thinking that Bill Gates used to be someone like Mike Fagan. How fall'n!

Poynter.org - Web Tips from the Pros
Web Tips from the Pros December 18, 2001. From Poynter.org for journalists.

Search Resources
By Sreenath Sreenivasan (sree@sree.net)
Columbia University Journalism Professor
Fagan Finder
    I am a confirmed Google addict and use the search engine to start all my searches (I especially like the Google Toolbar, which speeds up my searches). In fact, in recent weeks, Google has been revamped and made itself even more invaluable.
    But my tip today is for Web users who find themselves needing quick access to information beyond what Google offers.
    For a couple of weeks now, I have been using a site called Fagan Finder, which has a worthy goal: "to help people find what they are looking for." The site allows you to pick from a large range of options -- routine searches to dictionaries to news items. Its clean design and powerful features are a welcome break from having to jump around from site to site, trying to pin down what you need.
    The site is a one-man show. One young man, actually. Michael Fagan, 17, who is in the 12th grade outside Toronto, launched the site in October and works on it in his spare time. "I just wanted to get all the things I use on a regular basis on one page to make it accessible from anywhere." And that's exactly what he has done.

JournalismNet - Pick of the Week
Pick of the Week, December 2 2001, by JournalismNet. The same text was also in JNet's Weekly newsletter #110

Pick of the week for December 2, 2001:
Fagan Finder
A wide-ranging web page that provides a goldmine of search resources for journalists. For example, the Search News page gives you the option to hunt through many news pages and the Search Law page gives you access to many databases.

Internet Resources Newsletter
Issue #87, December 2001, by Internet Resources Newsletter

Fagan Finder
A free resource for searching, research, etc., containing many sections such as news, advanced reference, biographies, science, government, shopping, software, etc.

6 Minutes - Search and Find
Issue #49, November 4 2001, by 6 Minutes - Search & Find, the newsletter is in Dutch         see translation

1 - Fagan Finder
Dit zoekinstrument is een ontwerp van een zekere Michael Fagan. Het is een verzameling geworden van allerlei zoekmotoren, indexen en gespecialiseerde sites die heel pertinente informatie verschaffen. Het principe is heel eenvoudig. U tikt in de daarvoor voorziene balk de woorden, namen of begrippen in die u zoekt, daarna bepaalt u waar u juist wilt dat Fagan gaat zoeken, u klikt op "go" en als laatste stap verschijnen de resultaten. U kunt bepalen dat Fagan gaat zoeken via een zoekmotor, een index, een metazoekmotor, een cluster engine, in referenties, bepaalde multimedia, in regeringswebsites (vooral Amerikaanse dan), in websites die gespecialiseerd zijn in de Engelse taal, in "Tools", in software of in shopping sites.

Really Useful Sites For International Trade Professionals
Issue #19, October 29 2001, by FITA (The Federation of International Trade Associations)

I'm always looking for new ways to search the Web, and this week I found a useful one in Fagan Finder at www.fagan.f2s.com. This is an all-purpose site that allows you to search in many different ways. All you do is type in your search terms and specify if you want Fagan Finder to use search engines, encyclopedias, biographies, maps, dictionaries, news sources, or a variety of other sources to find what you're looking for. What's good about this site is that it combines many search tools in one handy interface.

Before this? Well, Fagan Finder only opened on October 13.

Inside Fagan Finder
About Fagan Finder