List of Translators

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These are the translators that are used by the Translation Wizard. There are 45 in total. Click on any translator for more information about it, and a listing of the languages that it can translate between. More translators are being added all the time, and you can request ones to be added.

Powered by Others

There are many companies that license their translation/dictionary software to others. This includes Systran, which provides software for AltaVista’s Babel Fish Translation Service, Google Language Tools, and many other websites. Generally, the Translation Wizard only includes one tool using the same technology, to avoid duplication.

Translator Types

Translators come in three types. Those that can translate individual words, those that can translate full sentences, and those that can translate web pages. Respectively, these are more complex, and a translator of the second or third type can handle translations of the types before it. That is to say, that that if a tool can translate full sentences, it is also capable of translating individual words. For each language combination (e.g. English to French), the Translation Wizard includes only translators of the highest level available.

Topics and Options

Some translators have different topics (such as Computers, Sports, etc.), and other various options that you can choose to better your translation. These are not available from the Translation Wizard interface, you must go directly to the translators to make use of them. Each translator page notes whether it has topics and/or options.

Translation of Web Pages

16 in total

Translation of Text

1 in total

Translation of Words

28 in total


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