About the ‘Blogs/Feeds’ Section

These tools allow you to find information or perform actions on specific blogs, specific feeds (RSS or Atom), and to find the feed(s) for a given blog. One tool missing is Bloglines. You can see a list of all the Bloglines users who subscribe to a feed by finding that feed on the Bloglines Blog Directory, and then following the ‘Subscribers’ link. Other blog-related tools can be found in the links tab, among others. One tool for finding feeds that are similar to another feed, is located in the ‘Similar’ tab.

Below is a listing of the tools in this section, along with their descriptions.


PubSub displays the backlinks (and forward links) and entries of a blog for the past thirty days, also displayed in graphs.
BlogTree allows weblog authors to list what weblogs inspired them to start their own blogs. So for any given blog, the ‘parent,’ ‘sibling,’ and ‘child’ blogs are listed. Additional information for each blog may include the language, start date, end date (if there is one), and gender of the author.
Daypop Blogstats
Daypop’s Blogstats tool lists various popularity metrics, a link to a cached version of the blog, backlinks from other blogs, and related blogs (second-degree relatedness via links). Also listed for some (popular blogs or Daypop sponsors) are related blogs determined by content.
Blizg shows some metadata (domain name, author, description, and keywords) for a blog, along with physically close blogs (for those using the ICBM meta tag), and similar blogs by keyword. You can also vote for or against the blog, and see the previous votings.
BlogStreet’s Blog Profile tool will show information about a blog, including owner, ranking, rating, reviews, category, RSS feed, related blogs, backlinks from blogs, books mentioned on the blog, and related pages according to Google.
BlogShares is a fantasy stock market where you can trade in shares of any weblog. For each blog, BlogShares displays the fantasy stock data, as well as links to and from other blogs.
This tool will direct you to the feed information page for a blog. Information displayed about the feed may include language, format and version, description, subject, license, recent headlines, and other statistics.
Bloogz’s RSS Finder tool will list all the RSS feeds it knows about for the given website.


Subscription Svc.
Syndication Subscription Service takes the address of an RSS/Atom feed, and provides direct links to subscribing to it using various RSS/Atom aggregators.
Just like Syndication Subscription Service, quickSub takes the address of an RSS/Atom feed, and provides direct links to subscribing to it using various RSS/Atom aggregators.
Share Your OPML
Share Your OPML is a tool where people can input (‘share’) their OPML files (lists of syndicated feeds they read). This allows you to see who subscribes to a feed.
Feed Validator
The Feed Validator validates all versions of RSS and Atom feeds.
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