About the ‘Misc’ Section

Tools that don’t quite fit anywhere else I have put here. Except for URL-shortening services, which I have decided not to use at all. If you think I should be including these, let me know. There are two file format conversion tools listed here. Note that viewing a non-HTML page in Google’s cache (available on URLinfo) also converts the page into HTML. The Wayback Machine from the Internet Archive (also available on URLinfo) also has an option on their advanced form to convert a web page into PDF format.

Below is a listing of the tools in this section, along with their descriptions.


GeoURL shows webpages that are located (or their author(s)/creator(s)) near the given web page.
Word Popularity
The Word Popularity Colorizer (by Philipp Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped) displays the text of a web page, with the more common words shown with a darker background colour. Rare words that appear frequently on the page are shown larger.
Textalyser analyses the text of a web page. It counts words, sentences, characters, unique words, average sentence length, etc., as well as frequency of top words and other metrics.
BugMeNot is a service for sharing login information for websites which require user registration, such as many newspaper’s websites. It provides a list of known usernames and passwords for websites that you enter. You can also add login details yourself. BugMeNot also has extensions for Mozilla and Internet Explorer.
Copyscape, which is powered by Google Alert (which itself uses the Google API) finds web pages that have copied from the given page. Useful for detecting plaigarism.
The LinkTron5000 generates a search page using Google which is very likely to result only in the page you have entered, by searching for the most unusual words found on that page. This provides a means of ‘bookmarking’ a page which may work even if the page moves.
Liquid Info.
Liquid Information gives actions to all words on a page, such as highlighting it and looking up the definition.

Page Count

Searches Google for all the pages indexed for the given website.
Searches Yahoo! for all the pages indexed for the given website.
Searches Teoma for all the pages indexed for the given website.


Flash Viewer
The Search Engine Flash Viewer, a utility run by Search Guild, converts Macromedia Flash files to plain text.
PDF Converter
The Adobe PDF Converter is a service provided by Adobe (who invented the PDF format) that converts PDF files into HTML. Their website also has an advanced form, for specifying converting options.
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