About the ‘Similar’ Section

These tools show related items in several ways. All but Google News and SYO Apps will find items similar to a web page; Google News will do the same, but only for news articles, and it is often useful in finding articles on the same topic from different perspectives. The first tools will show you related websites, which can be a useful way of browsing the web when you have find a page/site that interests you. The Waypath tool is unique in that it returns individual posts from weblogs, so you can see what people are saying about things. The Feedster RSS/Atom search engine also does this, however you must first search on Feedster and then follow the ‘Similar Posts’ link on one of the results. Waypath’s book tool, on the other hand, is unique in finding books related to a web page. Google will show you ads related to a web page: commercial content may be just what you’re looking for. Lastly, the SYO Apps tool will list similar RSS/Atom feeds.

Below is a listing of the tools in this section, along with their descriptions.


Alexa determines similar pages by ‘people who visit this page also visit...,’ and collects this data from web users using Alexa’s toolbar.
UCmore lists related pages, which it also clusters by topic. This functionality and more is also available via the UCmore toolbar, an Internet Explorer add-on.
Furl is a collaborative online bookmarking tool. This shows what pages were bookmarked most commonly by the same people who bookmarked the given page.
Shows similar websites, as determined by Google. Generally this tool is of poor quality.
Google (TouchGraph)
Displays related pages visually using the ToughGraph system (Java), with the related pages being provided by Google.


Related news articles, according to Google News. Related articles will only be found if the original article has been indexed by Google News.

Blog Posts

Shows related blog posts for other blog posts, news articles, and other web pages.


Waypath (Amazon)
Waypath (a blog indexer) analyses the content of any web page and returns related books from Amazon.


Google AdSense delivers ads to webpages that are related to that page. This third-party tool by Digital Point Solutions displays wat ads would be shown for any given page.


SYO Apps
Using data from the Share Your OPML website, this tool by Andrew Grumet shows similar RSS/Atom feeds, based on ‘subscribers to this feed also subscribe to.’
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