About the ‘Track’ Section

These tools will track a webpage for you (usually once per day), and notify you (usually through e-mail) when that page has changed. This is an extremely useful and time-saving function, allowing you to be alerted when content is added/changed/removed from a page, without having to continously revisit it. It is especially useful for pages that do not produce RSS/Atom feeds. Each of these similar tools has a different set of features. Only tools which allow you to track at least five pages for free are included here. ChangeDetect fits this description, however unfortunately it can not be accessed through this tool. Other fee-based services exist. Unlike these online services, WebMon is an free update notifier for Windows. See also Monitoring Web Page Changes (April 2004) by Karen Blakeman and Monitoring Web Pages 24 Hours a Day (April 2003) by Chris Sherman for more information and reviews of a number of change notification tools. Note that many formerly free tools are no longer free, or have limited free capabilities.

Below is a listing of the tools in this section, along with their descriptions.


WatchThatPage can freely track an unlimited number of pages, which can be grouped into folders. You can choose when and how often to receive change notifications, and whether to receive the changes themselves or just a notification. You can also set to be notified only when certain keywords appear, however this applies the same to all pages being tracked.
Change Detection can freely track an unlimited number of pages, but does not have any features.
ChangeNotes allows you to freely track up to 100 pages. It also has a feature to customize the e-mails it sends out, intended to be used when sent to a mailing list.
TrackEngine (maximum five free pages tracked) tracks new content, not removed content. Its features include tracking frequency, number of changes considered important, page categories, and the ability to receive only (or all except) specific changes based on keywords. The changes can be highlighted or summarized, and either the page itself or a link to the page can be sent to you. TrackEngine is capable of accessing pages requiring passwords (you must provide them) and cookies.
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