About the ‘Translate’ Section

Often a web page that you want to read is written in a language other than one you can read. This service sends your request to Fagan Finder’s Translation Wizard tool. You can read more about that too at About the Translation Wizard. Note that if you choose ‘unknown’ for the ‘from’ language, the Translation Wizard’s language identification tools are used. This takes longer, so if you know the language, you should choose it.

Below is a listing of the tools in this section, along with their descriptions.


Direct to Translation
This tool takes you to a translation provided by the first tool which the Translation Wizard finds that can handle your request.
List of Translations
This tool lists all of the translations (provided by different tools) that the Translation Wizard finds can handle your request.
The ‘Translate’ section includes 2 tools. Return to the URLinfo main page.


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